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The company D.N. Nautica is based in the Punat Marina, the loveliest and largest marina on the island of Krk in Croatia, in the former berths of the charter company Daranji d.o.o.
DN Nautica business is the rental of sailing vessels. These vessels are not under our own ownership but are entrusted to our management by companies registered for boat rentals. This is an excellent combination of occasional use of a vessel for private purposes, with Yacht charter activities that ensure minimum costs and occasionally revenues for the vessel owner.
We are primarily interested in newer boats or brand new boats, particularly BAVARIA boats, as we have worked with that company for many years, though we are also interested in other makes and models of sailing vessels.
Boat Charter price in DN Nautica is very reasonable, and sailing route in the Kvarner region are exceptional.
Once you arrive at our vessel, we take over and we are at your disposal at all times, to ensure that your vacation becomes a beautiful memory. We currently have a fleet of ten boats, but we are constantly growing and expanding our offer for clients.
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